Missouri Hunger Atlas

The Missouri Hunger Atlas 2019 visually engages readers to better understand hunger in Missouri. Through a series of indicator maps, tables and searchable data, the Atlas details the extent of food insecurity in all 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis. The Atlas also assesses the performance of a host of public and private programs intended to help people struggling with hunger.

New in March 2022: A new web application for the Missouri Hunger Atlas now provides a way to search for specific data based on year (2013, 2016, and 2019) and county. Go to mohungeratlas.org to check out these new features and functions.

Key Features and Functions

  • County Tables for each county in Missouri (including the city of St. Louis) that measure rates of both food insecurity and program performance.
  • Indicator Maps that graphically illustrate patterns of food insecurity and program performance across the state.
  • Data Browser that allows for data to be selected, displayed, and download for select measures and counties.

Download the Atlas

The Missouri Hunger Atlas 2019 may be downloaded for free by clicking HERE. Previous editions can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


Bass, M., Carlos Chavez, F. L., Chapman, D., Freeman, K., Mangoni, G. N., McKelvey, B., Miller, E., & Rikoon, S. (2019). Missouri Hunger Atlas 2019. University of Missouri, Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security.


Regional Hunger Report for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, October 9, 2020 PDF

Bill McKelvey, ICFS Project Coordinator, discusses the Missouri Hunger Atlas 2019 with Joe Parcell, Director of the Division of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Missouri.

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