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Funded by the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority, the “Clearing the Path for Marketing Directly from Missouri Farms to Institutions” project evaluates the current situation for Missouri farms marketing directly to institutions and identifies possible approaches for increasing farm sales to Missouri institutions.

To address the project objectives, the project team conducted primary and secondary research. This research uncovered several pathways that Missouri stakeholders may consider to increase farm-to-institution activity throughout the state.

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Project Summary and Recommendations

Review the Missouri farm-to-institution project summary and recommendations.

Chapter 1: Missouri Producer Farm-to-Institution Survey Analysis

To collect producer perspectives about selling and donating food they raise to institutions, the project team surveyed Missouri producers. The analysis includes responses from 28 farms, and it segments those respondents into three groups based on their previous farm-to-institution sales experience: adopters, abandoners and nonadopters.

Access the Missouri producer farm-to-institution survey analysis.

Chapter 2: Missouri Farm-to-Institution Stakeholder Interview Summary

To understand institutional perspectives of farm-to-institution programming, the project team conducted interviews with representatives from several stakeholder groups: institutions, supporting businesses, government agencies and educational organizations. Several themes emerged from these interviews, and the findings point to several opportunities that Missouri may consider to increase farm-to-institution activity.

See the Missouri farm-to-institution interview findings.

Chapter 3: State-by-State Case Studies

This chapter explores how 15 states have approached farm-to-institution programming to include more farms and reach more institutions and consumers. Based on secondary research, the summaries explain initiatives and incentives states have implemented and the partners who have participated.

Read the farm-to-institution state-by-state case studies.

Chapter 4: Farm-to-Institution Models

Government agencies, community organizations and the private sector have collaborated to create models meant to facilitate institutional use of farm-raised food. This chapter describes such models that have been implemented in other states and regions. Based on secondary research, these summaries indicate possibilities for Missouri to consider.

Access the farm-to-institution model summaries.

Chapter 5: Missouri Farm-to-Food Bank Pathways: Activities and Opportunities

“Farm-to-food bank” describes activities that move food from farms to area hunger relief efforts. This chapter explores farm-to-food bank activities in Missouri using information collected through key informant interviews with supply chain stakeholders. It also examines farm-to-food bank activities in other states, notes federal programs that support such activities and makes research-based recommendations to better facilitate farm-to-food bank activities in Missouri.

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Pathways from Farm to Institution: Missouri Success Stories

The Pathways from Farm to Institution: Missouri Success Stories highlight Missouri efforts designed to direct more locally grown food into Missouri institutions. Each story features an organization or program. Listen to spark ideas about how to partner with these efforts or start your own!