Missouri Hunger Atlas

2019 Missouri Hunger Atlas Shows Food Security Remains a Critical Issue

Dec. 12, 2019

The latest edition of the Missouri Hunger Atlas, published by the Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security, reports the number of Missourians facing food insecurity has dropped to pre-Great Recessions levels. It is estimated that 865,000 Missourians are food insecure, a decline from three years ago when the issue affected 1 million Missourians. Still, access to…


New Missouri Hunger Atlas Raises Awareness of Extent, Depth of Hunger in Missouri

Sept. 9, 2013

The Missouri Hunger Atlas 2013, recently released by the Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security, provides a county-by-county assessment of the extent of food insecurity in the state. The Atlas also measures the work of a host of public and private programs intended to help people struggling with hunger. First issued in 2008, the Missouri Hunger…