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Grow Well Missouri partners with food pantries, local organizations, and volunteers to establish food gardening programs that reach out to food pantry customers. By offering a selection of seeds, vegetable transplants, educational materials, and one-on-one advice, Grow Well Missouri helps those who use food pantries reap the many benefits of gardening.

The Garden Starter

The Garden Starter compiles essential tips for new gardeners as they start on their first garden and returning gardeners looking for new tips. Topics include starting a compost pile; building, planting, and tending a garden; washing, storing, and cooking produce; and more!

The Garden $aver (Grow Well Missouri Newsletter)

Issue 1, March – Featuring spring garden prep, soil temperature, growing spinach, small plot gardening, spinach scramble recipe.
Issue 2, April – Featuring warm season planting tips, soil care, growing cabbage, small plot gardening, and oil and vinegar slaw recipe.
Issue 3, May – Featuring more warm season planting tips, more soil care, growing tomatoes, and washing lettuce and other greens.
Issue 4, June – Featuring vegetables that take the heat, summer garden survival, and better gardening through cover crops.
Issue 5, July – Featuring fall gardening basics, what to plant for a fall garden, small plot and container gardening in the fall, and taking care of the harvest.

Additional Grow Well Missouri Growing Guides

Garden Planning
Container Gardening
Making and Using Compost
Using Row Cover
Growing Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potato Recipes
Prepare Your Spring Garden in the Fall
Fall Gardening
Easy Flowers for Home Gardens
Swiss chard – What is it? How to grow and use it.
Walking Onions
Planting Calendar – North Missouri
Planting Calendar – Central Missouri
Planting Calendar – Ozarks (Missouri)
Planting Calendar – Southeast Missouri
Planting Calendar – Southwest Missouri
Planting Calendar – South Central Missouri

Resources for Participating Groups

Participant Count Sheet
Seed Repacking Chart
Label Templates (Central Missouri)
Label Templates (North, Southwest, South central, Ozarks)
Label Templates (Southeast Missouri)
Orientation Materials

For more information, contact Bill McKelvey, Grow Well Missouri Project Coordinator, at McKelveyWA [at] missouri [dot] edu.

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